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Saparmurat Niyazov "They Said"

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The snow-capped Köpetdag has a lovely tune, they said,

Roars from time to time like a young man burned inside, they said,

Has rains coming with thunder and lightning, they said,

Wandering the Türkmen land, there is a lot worth looting, they said,

There is the wisdom of Gorkut-Ata on her mountains, they said.

Her valleys and mountain ranges are like paradise

The shadows of the clouds roam over her ravines,

The Köpetdag is no ordinary mountain, this is the spring of a fortune,

The Köıten, Hasar and Balkan mountains and the whole Türkmen world,

There is the majesty of Oguz Han on their mountains, they said.

Tigers roar in her canyons and her summits are cloudy,

Her mountains where the eagles nest on their heights remain always young,

The great land, on her outskirts mountain cities are built, is safe,

There are bowers in Çandybil and the future is the time of magnificence,

There are the messages of Görogly on her mountains, they said.

One of my sides is Garagum, which is a caravan migrating,

Kills those who come as enemies and gives the Türkmen freedom,

When angered, rises in fury like a tornado and flood,

Like a witness who saw the creation of the world,

The desert with Hydyr, which Magtymguly certifies so, they said.