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Saparmurat Niyazov "You Are Turkmen"

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Let's, O my heart, walk my heart. Let's look around our land.

With lions in its fields, the beautiful land of Türkmen,

Now the day has come for the poor, sad, brave, men,

You are the Türkmen, with such heroes like Jelaleddin.

Let's select a thousand-winged horse

And travel praying over her plains and mountains

And seek for the ancestors who became part of them,

And You are the Türkmen which hosts 360 saints

The old people are as wise as Gorkut

The mothers are as merciful as İunus

If you feel lonely and sigh, you see compassion

You are the Türkmen with beautiful houri-like girls like Agaıunus

You are braver than the brave, just find an opponent as you are

You are a lion more than a lion, just find a battle field for you

Let your cream boil over always, never feel the lack of it,

You are the Türkmen, with Garagum, so many minerals in its core

History is your ancestors and grand children

And grandfathers, father, children and nation.

Entering the most fortified palaces with your horse,

You are the Türkmen with strong and agile arms.

The rich and noble are godly like saints

Your horsetail-standard is always hoisted brightly,

You words are fine, pleasing, and heart is illuminated

You are the Türkmen, with his face and heart smiling

Oguz is your forefather, and Gorkut is your master,

Your memory is the history of the sixty ages.

Your Garagum is your table and treasure,

Your provision is blessed, you are the prosperous Türkmen.