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Saparmurat Niyazov: "We Will Investigate the Coup Attempt In Strict Compliance With Law"

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"I would like to thank all people in mosques. There was an attempt at the president, and the president is the one who assigns the interests of the national state. During human history under pretext of the state interests there were many examples of oppressions of those who are weak. It was a world history. And now on 25-th of November armed people came to streets with criminal intentions. 23 persons are caught.

Jumayev, Shikhmuradov, Iklimov, Khanamov and Orazov are the organizers. But there are those who stand up for them. It is necessary to think of it. It should be understood. Those who, stands up for them, operate very delicately. They never open themselves. All of them are speaking about democracy, but they are not even close to democracy. They just use these wordings. They have pushed criminals to action, the criminals who are like puppets and were ready to do anything for money. They were promised, that if they make some noise they could be appointed to top positions as offended, expelled, restrained ones. They failed. Allah protected...

Now there are many statements in the press saying that mass arrests have begun in Turkmenistan. There are people who spread this kind of information. Although, only 23 persons are arrested. They know, that these 23 armed persons have broken international laws. I have no in minds all journalists; mass media of some countries do that. They do not stress that we were acting correctly, that we have arrested criminals, terrorists. They forget that recently they were facing terror. This event affected strongly the life of Turkmens... Now a struggle for preserving political and economic independence is going on. Turkmenistan is a neutral country. There are good military air bases in Turkmenistan, and our state is in rather favourable geo-strategic position. Everyone knows that third of all world reserves of gas is in Turkmenistan. Billions tons of oil are at the Caspian Sea shore.

History shows that there were captures of big and small countries. Whether under pretext of democracy, whether under pretext of reforms. Now there are no military campaigns, wars. Now enemy comes from inside, the states are disorganized from inside. Many empires were ruined in this way. As for our country, they say about dictatorship and violation of human rights in the state. Do they know that nobody is in prison for political reasons in Turkmenistan, nobody is pursued? And nobody kills and kidnaps foreigners.

Maybe they don't know, that Shikhmuradov is a thief? We have sent materials about illegal plane deals of Shikhmuradov. They say that he left the state. But in a week he appears on the TV program. Behind all these attempt there is a necessity to use him as a tool. Therefore our Turkmen state should unite. Law is like a tree. People live on branches of this tree. And when someone will start shaking this tree, all people should protect this state tree. Everyone should be on their places on alert - controlling airports, borders more strictly and to fix those who enter and leave the state ...

For example, currently Turkish deputy minister of Security is working here, participating in investigation of crimes of 6 Turks. We do not have any problems with them, a joint investigation is under the way, there is a mutual understanding in work. I also address to other countries to send their inspectors, and start joint investigation.

Everything should be solved within the frames of the law. There should not be a place of revenge. They should answer before the law. Next summer the Council of Elders will discuss the way of solving similar questions in the future. What to do with those who create groups aimed at coup. For this purpose we shall make changes in the laws. The death penalty is not necessary. While the investigation is under the way, every information on this case will be delivered to the public in due time. We will inform about punishments of criminals."

December 2002

(Non-official translation of Watan TV program at the National TV of Turkmenistan)

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