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13 February 2003


At meeting with heads of National TV the president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov once again has called to journalists to be more restricted in covering his activity.

"You are too active in praising me, - the president has told. In Turkmenistan it is not considered shameful to speak about leaders, but it is necessary to know when to stop... Let's stop it... It is necessary to speak more about mutual relations of people, their ideas, their views on the state, the world community and the future of Turkmenistan. It is necessary to cover in the press the ideas of the people about a state system, economy, culture, art, ideas of youth, middle-aged people, elders."

According to Niyazov, TV channels have not not enough attention to such outstanding Turkmen writers like Magtymguly, Mollanepes, Yunus Emre, Jelalatdin Rumi, Kemine, Zelili, Seydi. As the Turkmen leader considers, the comments, which have appeared recently on air on economic themes, deserve to be appraised, however "it is not enough". "Our peaceful, good-neighbourhood foreign policy is directed at improvement of life of people. And it should be reflected on air adequately. Without narcissism, unilateral approaches and the general phrases.

Niyazov considers, that the Turkmen TV fails in covering regional problems. In particular, he has charged the TV heads to be more active in explaining the essence of governmental policy regarding Caspian sea in particular. At the same time Niyazov has called "not to muffle opinion of other countries".

Niayazov reminded that today the Turkmen TV broadcasts through the satellite all over the world, and in many respects an idea about Turkmenistan is formed based on this influence. That is why these programs must express our state position on all questions of internal and external development.

It is necessary to study, to assert the interests, patiently and consistently explaining the policy and when it is necessary and to repulse slander and fabrications, has noted the head of the state.

"As for praising me it is necessary to know that nothing depends on one person," Turkmenbashi noticed. "If all of us not work together, we can not achieve anything. I begin the process, I show the initiative, and you join me. I have more experience as I worked in the Soviet time, saw falling of this system, saw and headed process of establishment and strengthening of independent Turkmenistan. I know our successes, failures, mistakes a little bit better."

At the end of conversation Saparmurat Niyazov has expressed confidence that each of three Turkmen TV channels will become attractive both for adult, and for youth, and for a children's audience.

Charigeldi Amanov

Internet newspaper Turkmenistan.Ru