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Saparmurat Niyazov: "The Honour of Woman and Girls"

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The Prophet Noah ordered girls, wives and old women to cover their bodies with long, loose dresses, and their heads with head scarves, but left their faces open. "Türkmens’ faces reflect the light of Allah. For that reason sunlight, which is the torchlight of God, should fall on their faces and this should not be prevented." Prophet Noah also advised repeatedly that men should not hit the faces of their children or wife. As for the woman’s mouth, he ordered them to cover it. This cover become the Türkmen traditional cover or yaşmak. Later he ordered the girls to cover their faces with the extensions of their dresses when they made eye contact with a man and to bite the extension when they heard ugly words.

The religion of fire-worshippers was perpetuated by certain narrow-minded philosophers of the ancient times, such as Mazdak and Mani. These philosophers by modifying the religion of fire-worshipping suggested new practices such as the sharing of property and even of women. Their ideas and practices do not resemble our opinions and ideas.

The 10th century historian Ibn-i Fadlan wrote about the Türkmen as follows: "The Türkmen people do not cover the faces of their women and girls like their neighbours. Their women are free. However, they do not know what it is to be unchaste. Türkmen women throughout history have lived without the slightest stain to their honour."

The woman is the Soltan of the home; she presides over the household!

Women should be given their proper value through affection, love, and mutual respect.


Saparmurat Niyazov "Ruhnama"