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Saparmurat Niyazov: "Knowledge Is The Light Of Happiness"

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The most beneficial knowledge is the one that works to the benefit of society.

One should doubt the authenticity of the kind of knowledge that has no social use. Every single deed of man should yield a result. For this is what makes social life possible.

The scientist should work to help improve society in material and spiritual respects. If the scientist forgets this task, then the knowledge he possesses is meaningless, useless and of no value.

Knowledge is not the sum of pieces of information which serve no purpose for anyone. False knowledge is the collection of such pieces of information that have no use for anyone, just like the wealth accumulated by a mean man.

The real scientist holds real knowledge. That knowledge should first of all be of use to society. This also amounts to saying that it should serve the holder of it too.

The kind of knowledge disliked by society is vain.

The scientist elevates knowledge, and society elevates the scientist.

A society cannot live without proper knowledge, just as a man cannot survive without his mind. The most vital means of survival granted by Allah to man is the mind. Therefore, mind precedes all other material aspects of the man, such as the hands, legs, working tools and hand-power. Centuries-long accumulation leads to proper knowledge. That knowledge is a privilege for man.

It is of that proper knowledge that a man is made.

The mind is the source of proper knowledge, and wisdom is its seed.

The soul compensates for the bodily losses of man. It elevates him and proper knowledge is a sign of spiritual completeness and activity.

Allah Almighty bestowed upon man the mind, which He did not in the case of other beings. The human mind becomes more mature with the aid of proper knowledge and gains access to more than it initially finds. Man has no wings, but he can fly above the birds, thanks to his possession of proper knowledge. He can't move so fast, but proper knowledge allows him to reach the greatest of speeds. Man does not have a predator's claws, but he can accede to the greatest strength, thanks to proper knowledge.

The mind and proper knowledge bring man closer to Allah.

Possession of proper knowledge allows man to look into the far distance.

Proper knowledge is a means to save oneself from the flood of life that would otherwise have a devastating impact.

Only proper knowledge can provide an answer to the question of how to live and what to do to live. The kind of knowledge that fails to provide answers to this question is in fact an illusory attempt, totally in vain.

Man should know himself; this is what renders him superior.

Man is indebted in that he should know.

Knowing means thinking about the world, finding a proper place for oneself in the world and proving oneself.

The time of the sword is over. But even the sword itself is a product of the mind and proper knowledge.

When I say the time of the sword is over, I mean that the mind and proper knowledge that was once utilized to produce the sword should now be directed to producing and inventing new useful things.

There are three steps to knowing:



Proper Knowledge.

Science is a treasure created by mankind. Education is the key to that treasure. It is a door that provides access to the world of science through literacy.

Science teaches man about the treasures and perceptions of those that came before him. Man selects from among these and leaves aside the ones that are of no use to him. He takes those pieces he needs and internalizes them.

Dear fellow citizens!

I started implementing a "New Science Policy" after major reforms in the fields of science and knowledge in the Independent and Eternally Impartial Türkmenistan. The schooling of the Soviet era does not meet our contemporary needs. The main objective of the science policy is to protect children from the evil guidance of the streets, and to provide assistance to parents in guiding their children.

If the teacher teaches his classes at school and does nothing after that to guide his students, then the students will be open to the evils of the streets. There he will adopt useless habits.

If we wish to protect our children from the evils of the streets, then we should provide them with proper guidance in the family and at school. Our tomorrow lies in the hands of our children. If we wish to see in the future an affluent Independent and Impartial Türkmenistan respecting science then we should do all that we can to provide proper guidance for our children.

I think it would be proper to quote a letter I received:

"Dear Saparmyrat Atayeviç!

This letter I am writing to you is not an ordinary one. This is a part of my sincerest feelings, and an indication of my regret.

I worked under your supervision. You appointed me to a post that required responsibility, and you had confidence in me. You appointed me to the chairmanship of an enterprise, though not a major one. But, but...but.

But Allah decreed an undesirable fate for me. I was brought up in very harsh and difficult conditions, and in severe need. I just wanted my two sons not to suffer from the kind of hardships that affected my life. To that end, I stole money, accepted bribes, and accumulated so much wealth that it was enough to use till my death. I bought apartments, car,. such beautiful cars. But... My younger son had an accident while he was drunk and driving. He almost died. It would have been better if he had died. His backbone is severely damaged; he will stay in bed for the rest of his life. My older son acted irresponsibly and wasted time during the privileged days of his father, and became a drug-addict. One day we're fine, the next two we fight. He squandered all that wealth in five or six years. He made my younger son a drug-addict as well. His mother could not bear the sufferings of this world and died of heart disease. I suffered a lot when I was a child. I encountered many difficulties. I was raised as an upright man, but the wealth I obtained was of no use to me.

I stole and fed my children on what is forbidden and unlawful. The improper deeds we engaged in have their effects now.

My two sons were my sharp eyes; they were my hands and feet. I would not complain if I was blinded at my discretion by a physician. It would be my fair share to live as a creature with feet and hands cut off. If only death could find me and take my soul away. Unfortunately this is not so; I can neither live nor die in this world. This is how I ruined my future and did the same to both of my sons too. I am the only one to be blamed. I fed my children on what is impermissible and unlawful. Magtymguly was right to say, "You will give your account of your proper deeds, but you will definitely be punished for the improper, impermissible and unlawful." Now I have received the punishment for such...

Either a devout saint or a criminal can be made out of a child.

Happy is the man who raises the child as affectionate toward mankind, as a knowledgeable person that has the ability to foresee trouble.

An Atabeg educated the son of a Soltan for 18 years. Upon completion of the education the Atabeg awarded him a certificate showing that he had received proper training. The Soltan's son was raised as a brave man, a perfect horseman, and as sharp as an eagle. He had the mental abilities that would allow him participate in discussions with scholars. The Atabeg showed the skills he taught the Soltan's son. The Soltan was pleased and said: "Go swim through the sea, my son Oguz";

The Soltan's son replied, "Master Atabeg did not teach me how to do that".

The Soltan turned to Atabeg and said:

"My son's friends could have taught him what you taught. If he ever needs to swim, neither his friends, nor I, nor you could help."

There are certain things in life with respect to which parents, friends and brothers and relatives cannot give any help. Man faces the realities of life many times. At those times, one should be able to overcome difficulties without needing assistance from others. If one cannot do so, then one is not properly and sufficiently raised. I lived under very difficult conditions. It is a mistake to prevent a child from encountering difficulties. Indeed this is a form of enmity toward one's own son. The child has to prove to himself certain things by undertaking tasks proper to his age. The efforts spent earlier by the child will yield positive results for him in the future.

Proper knowledge is the summit reached after following certain procedures. It is not the mere reception of information from others; it also has to do with displaying what you know to others.

Proper knowledge prepares one for life, and helps one face the realities of life.

Proper knowledge means the ability to change and improve life. If one wishes to understand whether a form of knowledge is the proper one, one needs to look whether that particular form has the ability to change and improve life. If it does, then that is proper knowledge.

Education puts the hands, words and ears of the man into action. Science puts the mind into action. Proper knowledge puts these into a coherent unity and moves them in directions related to life.

Science means taking information from others and using it for oneself.

Proper knowledge means giving information from oneself, and creating from within. The greatest miracle is the mind given to man. Proper knowledge can release that power and make it apparent.

Proper knowledge is the freedom of the mind.

It is never too late to learn science. The mind does not grow old as the body does. The longer one lives, the more sophisticated the mind becomes.

The teacher is superior to the student. For a student receives training for a couple of years only, but the teacher is engaged in education for a lifetime.

The best teacher is the one that learns when teaching.

Reviewing your knowledge is the key to science. Adopt it as a habit. Each time you review you learn something new; this is the main principle of science.

Creativity is the essence of proper knowledge.

Wisdom is the guide that leads the mind to science.

Teaching without learning is similar to spending money without ever earning money.

Proper knowledge takes worldly and religious forms. Proper religious knowledge is aimed at knowing Allah; proper material knowledge is meant to grasp the nature of realities. The first yields faith, the second affluence.

Everyone has a duty to society. The teacher has a duty to society in that he should provide the youth with proper knowledge and science.

Proper knowledge should increase our affluence and spiritual strength.

Science and proper knowledge decrease the likelihood of evil to the minimum.

If you fail to improve the wisdom given by Allah, you will lose your mental power.

The best way to learn is to read. And the best way is reading through reflection. If there is no reflection, then there is no science at all.

The real man of proper knowledge has the following properties:

He doesn't seek to gain material benefits through his possession of proper knowledge;

He does not see proper knowledge as a form of skill, but thinks it is matter of progress;

He is calm and modest;

He has good moral conduct;

He confirms his words through his actions;

The type of knowledge of no use to society is meaningless to him.

Engaging in the type of knowledge that has no social use is similar to trying to sew cloth with a needle with no thread.

No day is possible without a night, and no society can exist without proper knowledge.

The real man of proper knowledge is a friend of realities and serves his society.

My blessed Türkmen nation! The Golden Age must be one where the Türkmen way of knowledge must spread to and enlighten the whole world. The doors of proper knowledge are always open here. We desire that all Türkmen citizens may have access to proper knowledge. Proper knowledge should attract public attention in our country. For the 21st century is one of proper knowledge. The door to the Golden lifestyle of the Golden Age of the Türkmen passes through proper knowledge.

Saparmurat Niyazov "Ruhnama", The Fifth Section "The Spiritual World of the Türkmen"