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Saparmurat Niyazov: "Only Motherland Is Valued Above Life..."

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Distinguished delegates, Dear young men and women!

Today is the very moment in your lives that you start a new countdown. The moment has come for you to grow-up, rise spiritually and become the ripe people. Motherland is waiting for you, your sincere and active participation in all activities of people and relies on your hands, heads and hearts.

The opening of the III Congress of the Youth Organization named after Magtymguly is an extremely important and significant event in the life of the entire country and I sincerely congratulate you on this. I wish your forum successful and productive work.

My young friends,

The organization, which you are members of, was named after great Magtymguly Pyragy. You all know perfectly well what this name means for Turkmens. You, our hope and future of our Fatherland, also got united under this name, the name of a mouthpiece of human souls that glorified its people. I speak about it with such confidence because you are now over 730,000 young energetic people that got together in one of the largest public organizations of the state.

Today, the most worthy representatives of a younger generation of the country have gathered in the Rukhiyet palace. 2,500 young men and women have been chosen as delegates to your historical congress that is destined to play a major role in the life of the Turkmen youth. There are delegates of the establishments of higher education and secondary schools, valiant defenders of Fatherland, workers of farms and industrial establishments among you. You have brought to this palace the spirit of youth and that particular atmosphere of creative work that has entrenched in the land of your ancestors. I congratulate you, my dear friends, on this high honor. I sincerely congratulate you on being lucky to take part in the work of the forum of youth that will have its place in the history of our state, our people and our independence. I wish you all success and good luck in all your deeds and drives.

Distinguished delegates, my dear youth!

I am happy to see and realize that you are part of our society, its young and full of ideas race. You live along with weekdays and holidays of our country. You, like grown-ups, joined the number of changers and patriots who are proud of successes of their Fatherland, which steadily approaches its 13th anniversary of independence. All these years are yours because your generation will have to grow up in these years. Year by year, you grew and stood on your feet along with the country. And the country made seven-league steps trying to accomplish in time what still seems to be unbelievable to many people.

Turkmenistan today has the needed state safety margin that made it recognizable in the world. Our country got international recognition both for its unique neutrality status, unseen domestic production growth and increase in the well being of the people. But the main, unchangeable and essential thing is that we have entered the new history of mankind with the deep sense of commitment to the nature of the national spirit. We have sacrificed the love of Turkmens for peace, as the way of life and thinking, to this history. We have drawn the attention to ourselves not by vociferous actions but by our sense of creativity that Turkmens think should be the strongest of all things.

My dear children!

You are part of your people. That is why you have adopted those changes that accrued to your parents with the suck. They have become natural and organic for you, the heart and point of your lives. So, it is also your considerable contribution, my dear youth, to our victories and achievements. And I want to express my deepest gratitude for you for your exemplary learning, friendship and enthusiasm at work, for courage and daring of those whose mission is to defend achievements of Motherland, for all that you, young people, do for the safety and prosperity of our beloved Fatherland.

Thank you, my dear friends!

And now, my friends, I would like to talk to you about what I consider the most important in your spiritual and moral raising.

I want to share with you my understanding of a sacred word, Motherland, to express my perception of its priceless nature and the point of my love for it. These notions have settled down in my soul forever and got a foothold in it.

We value Fatherland because it is the only one. It is one of a few privileges bestowed on men from above. The only one means it is beloved and sacred.

Except Motherland that we love and value, the Almighty Allah, soul and life are the only things that we are given.

If asked, which one from these three values is the most valuable, beloved and priceless you should answer this way: the one that is prepared to sacrifice itself to another. And the latter will be the most valuable. Life is sacrificed to Motherland, and Motherland is in hands of the Allah. Only Motherland is valued above life and only the Allah is above it. So, man needs the Allah even more than Motherland and Motherland, too, is needed after death.

Motherland holds everything dear - both on earth and in subsoil, because there is life on earth and the realm of heaven in the "other world". Both life and faith can exist when there is Motherland.

If you want to spend a brief moment of life in the homeland, would you not like the same thing in the "other world"?!

In this brief moment that Turkmens call "five days of life" you must work thousand of days paying a price for a bed of eternal rest.

You are not at the mercy of life, for life is subdued by your will.

The Allah is not your subordinate but you are a subject of the Allah.

But think: Motherland is yours and you belong to Motherland.

And your life and death is connected to Motherland.

And you have to live life there and die there.

You may pass away but you will remain lying in the homeland.

Man has two degrees of maturity: mental maturity and maturity of feelings.

Mental maturity is wisdom, and maturity of feelings is spirituality.

Wisdom is achieved through sciences and zeal, spirituality - through education and a pattern of behavior.

Wisdom is luxury. It is not for everybody. And spirituality is a necessity. If you lack brain, you should rely on wisdom of sages and educate yourself on their example.

Maturity of feelings is the love for Motherland.

Mental maturity is the apprehension of Motherland.

The most pleasant and pure feeling is to live with a sense of being part of Motherland, because exactly this feeling spares from loneliness.

While you are alive you are part of the soul of Motherland, after death - you become part of its flesh.

You cannot do without Motherland, because it exists not only around you but also inside of you. That is why you won't leave Motherland and will have nowhere to run. It is not ruled out that fortune may turn its back to you and you will die and rest in the foreign land, away from Motherland. But among all misfortunes this is the biggest pain that does not pass off or abate. Your poor grave will remain to be a knot, not accepted by the foreign land.

You cannot be yourself if deprived of Motherland. You cannot do without Motherland, but here is an explanation of true maturity: try to mature to such a level so that Motherland could not do without you!

My children, do you understand what I am saying? I wish each of you to comprehend these sacred truths. Nobody will be able to do without Fatherland. Although it is a real display of maturity, true maturity is when Motherland needs you.

Having felt that you belong to this great and borderless Motherland, you will feel happy.

Feel the breath of Motherland, feel how close to you it stands, open your heart!

If you learn to worship your Motherland, you will find a place in your heart for it. Magnificent mountains, clean rivers and the vast of desert, home cities and villages - all of them will have its place in your soul. And then a heart will take a shape of Motherland. You will not be small, you will be big and you will not be a part but a solid body.

Your size is adequate to Motherland. Motherland defines limits of your maturity. You will never grow elder than Motherland.

Motherland is all your dimensions. Motherland will shape your size, weight and color. If sky is your Motherland, you are destined to fly; if the Garagum desert is your Motherland, you will walk on the ground; if mountains are your Motherland, you will climb up and down, if sea is your Motherland, you will swim.

The Allah is your creator, and Motherland is your defender.

Glorifying Motherland, you make yourself rise high. If you don't value Motherland and disregard it, you will become contemptible.

Warm up your soul and body with the warmth of the homeland until you are alive, for this love will penetrate into the cold soil to keep you in its warm cuddle.

The place of your birth is indeed a center of the universe for you.

You will always cherish places of your childhood, for they keep memory of your immediacy, purity and innocence.

You hold dear places where you lived as a teenager, for you left there your cheer, lack of care and feeling of happiness.

You will always remember places of youth, for there remained your first love, you dreamt of future and believed in your life there.

Places where you spent your middle years are also valuable, for you fulfilled yourself there.

You will remember places of elder age, for there lived your unrealized dreams.

Motherland is your life.

Motherland is your base and veins.

Your ancestors' remains lie in this land. You are a tree that grew from these roots. Your veins became roots that spread around the land that your ancestors spilled their blood in and that became sacred for you. These roots are deep, and if your tree doesn't bend before blows of the strong winds of destiny and stand firmly on the ground, you have to thank exactly these deep roots.

And how can one compare the foreign land with the homeland, lightened by our fathers' angelic eyes, warmed by our mothers' hearts?! Your roots bring bracer to the tree of your life. Your fate, life, moral, mentality, spirit are painted in colors of Motherland. You are of the same color as Motherland. All your designs, intentions, appearance and substance you receive from Motherland.

When your feelings wake up it reminds you of the spring blossom of Motherland whose mountains and steppes are covered by red poppies. When your thoughts have the authority, they get strong and smell aroma, reminding of flavor of mountains and steppes of Motherland.

Turkmen, is there a place that you could change your Motherland for?

My dear children!

You can be a guest but never a native in the foreign land. You may even get wealthy but you will never become a master, for they have theirs in the foreign land.

You may find a place to live in the foreign land but you will not find the homeland there.

Motherland cannot be found, for it is given.

Motherland is not appointed, for it appoints itself.

Motherland is not created, for it creates itself.

You are a man created by Motherland.

You may live in the foreign land but you may feel like a Turkmen only in here. A tree transplanted from the mother soil either dries up or decomposes, changing its look and core. If a Turkmen changes in his core, how one could call him a Turkmen! To feel separated from Motherland is the end of life. It means that only your external body remained.

Separating from Motherland equals to losing yourself. But if you lose yourself, who are you then and what will become of you?

Motherland is your past. It is your present. If you want to have future, never part with from Motherland!

Don't get separated, don&'t get separated from sunny days of Motherland, whose sun warms you up every minute and day!

Don't get separated, don't get separated from the blue nights of Motherland, where stars are so high in the sky and shy bright, where you have daily bread and believe in tomorrow!

If you want to have fate, don't get separated from the fate of Motherland!

If you want to be self-sufficient, take care of the well being of Motherland!

If you want to be beautiful, absorb the beauty of Motherland!

If you want perfection, bow before Motherland!

If you want to be great, try to comprehend the greatness of Motherland!

The one that is separated from his beloved one cries for seven years! The one that is separated from Motherland cries until death! How could a tree not cry if it is cut of its roots! How could a tree not dry up if its bracer poured out with tears!

To lose the beloved one is to lose your second half. To lose Motherland is to lose everything!

Don't lose everything you have!

Keep what you have!

Turkmen, don't part with white, like hair of mothers, days of Motherland!

Turkmen, don't deprive yourself of the unusual by their depth and sound nights of Motherland!

Turkmen, don't part with white and bright, like future of our children, cities of Motherland!

Turkmen, don't part with the beautiful, like beauty of virgins, mornings of Motherland!

Turkmen, don't leave home cities and villages, roads and paths, steppes and deserts, mountains and seas. Don't leave the beauty of Motherland!

Turkmen, don't leave, don't break away from Motherland!

Don't lose your roots or you will dry up!

Don't lose your path or you will get lost!

Don't break away from yourself or you will turn into an incurable wound, a body without soul!

Don't break away from life because your people is your life!

My young friends!

I am confident that you understand and appreciate all that I say and share with you. These are my deepest thoughts as regards Motherland that will find a reflection in my new book that I am writing.

My dear audience, dear young comrades!

In the first days of our great independence I called on the youth of the entire country to set about searching aggressively for ways for creative application of your skills. I called on all of you to renovate the look of our young state, to devote your lives to the triumph of our beloved Motherland, to receive good education, master professions, live with a twinkle, get rid of slavish dependence, stop even thinking about it and become true masters of your Fatherland.

Today that we have made through a short but very grandiose by its achievement way I am telling you: the value of Motherland is that this is an organic whole of the three notions - statehood, country and nation.

Statehood is the first meaning of Motherland.

To understand the sacred notion of statehood one has to comprehend five values that make up a base of the patriotic education.

My dear young friends, I want to talk to all of you about these five values.

The first one is Rukhnama.

Rukhnama is the main book of the Turkmen people.

Rukhnama is the sacred face of Turkmens.

Rukhnama is the world of Turkmens collected in one volume.

The main book is a book that turns a nation into an organic whole, which is comprised of thousands of different persons. Bodies cannot come to loose and reunite, for bodies are material substances. But souls, intellects and hearts can integrate and turn into one great whole, for they are not material substances and subordinated to higher forces. Soul, heart and intellect as an embodiment of spiritual force live according to incomprehensible laws of spirit. Taking Rukhnama, remember that you become a drop in the vast of the Turkmen spirit! And in your soul you will feel peace and happiness of a drop that fuse in a sea. Added that you keep in mind that Rukhnama is a path leading to the ocean of the Turkmen spirit, your heart will find by itself the ways of studying this book.

Our task is to study Rukhnama in its spiritual and notional integrity. Read Rukhnama closely! A book read without understanding is like a useless medicine prescribed by a doctor. To read a book not understanding it is like washing hands in a liquid of life instead of drinking it.

Read Rukhnama again and again, in the childhood, teen and youth age, middle and old age. Read and re-read it in the elder age, because a man opens new pages and finds new points in this book at each stage of life. For each stage of human life opens its new sides and sound of new melodies for man!

The oath, my dear friends, is our second sacred sanctity, a base of our patriotic education. Together with the Anthem they embody three types of education.

They are as follows: education by a word, spiritual education and education by a pattern of behavior. Everything starts with a word and ends with a word. A word is the beginning and the end. Everything comes to a word and only a word can fly everywhere.

Sing the sacred oath and state anthem as a prayer! Don't distort words and music. Try to be precise. For a word is conscience. Education by a word one has to combine with spiritual education. Spiritual education means talking from the heart, sincerely, without any wrongdoings. Talk not only with your tongue but also with your heart! While talking, make sure that there is no disagreement between words and heart!

Young Turkmens!

Being educated by a word and soul, you should be serious, concentrated and openhearted when singing the oath and anthem.

My dear friends, I want you to know: our patriotic oath emerged in a natural way, according to the ancient traditions of Turkmens that were trustful themselves and could convince others. Our ancestors swore by the suck, bread and graves of relatives, on the Koran. The real meaning of those oaths was to prove their allegiance to these sacred notions. To break an oath means to betray sacred things. The suck is a measure of an oath for brothers because they were nurtured by one mother. Going to war, young men swore an oath on the bread for it was a symbol of unity. Those who were bound by one faith, one aim swore by graves of their relatives for they unified those alive. Muslims, as a rule, swear on the Koran.

A patriotic oath is a symbol of allegiance of Turkmens to themselves, Turkmenistan. It is especially important for you, young people, because an oath is the sanctity and you should know and use it in life. The way you do it today will serve as an example to future generations. Remember it, my dear young friends!

Our state flag and emblem represent a collective image of Motherland. With these symbols we get a picture of Turkmens and Turkmenistan. Five ornaments on the state Flag and Emblem represent five regions, their eternal and unbreakable unity. A picture of a horse on the Emblem is evidence of the ancient history of our Motherland, a symbol of purity, swiftness and streamline development of our state. A horse is a measure of freedom and will, because nobody can ever master a Turkmen who put a halter on a horse.

A crescent and five stars on the Flag and Emblem, green silk of their breadth, other symbols represent allegiance and eternity of Turkmens. We have different faces, different look, but what unite our souls and hearts are the Flag and Emblem.

Treat these symbols of state with care! Let them please your eyes and souls! And then your hearts will become cleaner, your thoughts will become brighter and you will feel more like Turkmens!

My dear young friends!

While swearing the Oath and singing the Anthem, look straight and be proud of them! Keep your hands on your hearts, your fingers straightened! Let the beat of your hearts reverberate in your hands and further down your body! And then your heartbeat will melt in heartbeats of all Turkmens and an eternity anthem of Turkmens will sound!

When you hold the Flag and Emblem in hands, you should carry them well above your heads! Hanging them on walls, fix them above human stature! Learn to crane your necks while looking at them. The Flag and Emblem are our crowns. Let the Flag fly high in the sky showing the greatness of Turkmens! And let the state Emblem also stand aloft as the spirit of Turkmens! It is great honor to bow before state symbols for those who understand it. From now on the Turkmen flag will fly over every house. I have already instructed my deputies, governors of regions and districts. Let the Flag be forever the symbol of openness and unity of Turkmens. We must believe in our national sanctities as we believe in God.

Children of Turkmens!

You are the sons of this nation and your descendants will also belong to this people!

I am talking to you, my dear friends, about copybook maxims - high like the sky and simple like the earth. These facts are as poetical as soul and as sharp as brains. Try to look back into the past, meet in the mind your ancestors. How many of them do you think you have?! Many young people don&'t know their pedigree. Even elderly people cannot boast it as opposed to our fathers and grand fathers who knew their pedigree. How many generations you left behind – seven, eight, ten?! Or even more?! Of course, there are more of them because the entire Turkmen nation stands behind us! And how many future children can you imagine?! Sons, grandchildren, great grandchildren and so on. And what then? Then again, there will be Turkmens.

And I am telling you: live your life the right way, try to learn the truths that will give you confidence in business and good manners in actions for the sake of Motherland, state, nation and yourself and your descendants! You will feel quiet and satisfied and the life will make sense.

And here is another question for you, my friends, although you might have thought about it before: how had Turkmens managed to found over seventy states in five thousand years of history? How did they govern them? How did they defend their country in the period of eight ages of unlawfulness?

Certainly, heroic spirit of Turkmens as well as such beautiful features of people as courage and bravery lies in the base of all of this. Turkmens made themselves famous and are remembered in history as warlike people. Turkmenchilik and Adat performed state functions, and this was enough to keep people as one. Turkmens, being nomadic people, lived exactly with Turkmenchilik and Adat until recently. Our ancestors had their own traditions, customs and laws and if somebody did not observe them people punished them themselves.

Our ancestors dreamt of seeing their people free, independent and happy. People had gone through many bloody battles on their way to this long awaited time, while they were making their history. Hundreds of people gave their lives for Fatherland, its independence. Neither of enemy coming in the Turkmen land with ill intentions could subdue the people and dishonor them. Turkmens were fearless people that could rebuff the enemy even at the cost of life. Our youth have much to learn from our ancestors because they were staunch devotees of their faith, had unlimited love for their Motherland and were proud of it. There is no force that can stop the great love for Motherland and pride we take in it.

We know about our lads that fought enemy with courage and sword in their hands. Today the world knows names of such Turkmen warlords as Oguz Khan, Frat, Suren serdar, Ersak sha, Bumyn Khan, Atylly, Makhmyt Gaznaly, Alp Arslan, Chagry Beg, Togrul Beg, Jelaletdin Menburny, Ertogrul Gazy, Aba serdar, Govshut Khan, Soltanyaz Beg and dozens of other excellent generals.

Dear friends!

We have a lot of national heroes worth of our pride. The military art was long in the character of Turkmens. The people, among whom every youngster was a warrior with a horse standing ready for the battle and he himself armed and ready to set out immediately, kept secrets of military art for generations. I will give you one example concerning a Turkmen sword. Why does it have the form of a curve? Because it was designed for the offence. If you try to run away with it, the enemy will soon catch you. Turning back, you cannot strike a blow or wound the enemy that is catching you up. What an example of skills and craftiness of the military art that Turkmens polished to perfection! That is why they studied it with such persistence, and first of all, learned how to ride a horse, jump from it on the run, skirt bullets. They passed those skills to their sons and younger brothers. Alp Arslan, for instance, thought that one needed training for 20 hours a day to become a true son of Motherland. He trained himself during all of his young years. He mastered secrets of the military art to perfection and conquered many states afterwards glorifying the name of Turkmens. He died defending Motherland. How did he die? I have already narrated it in my books: he was cheated and killed later. Why did it happen? When he became conceited, taking pride in his victories and stating that he conquered a lot of states in ten years and introduced the Turkmen language in each of them and boasted that nobody now would dare stand up against him, the enemy defeated him. I wrote about it in my book "Three misfortunes". Indeed, there was much in our history, but the main thing is that we were and are a peace-loving nation. We have never oppressed anyone. We were committed to our religion, language and the homeland. We have many worthy national heroes and we have to remember them all the time. Remember them and know them, my dear friends!

You, my friends, will have to learn a lot and get part of many thing. You have to learn to feel your people the way your ancestors did. You should know that the death wishes and the last will of Turkmens are sacred, for we will go nowhere after death and our graves will remain in the homeland. Nobody says: bury me wherever you want. Every man wants to lie close to his relatives and friends. Every man wants to lie in the birthplace.

So, feeling home carries off death and softens it. The feeling of home is the last feeling that a Turkmen has in his life. That is why:

Our land, each square foot of land that was watered with blood of our ancestors is sacred for us, it is our biggest pride! And we are guided by exactly these sanctities in all our deeds. They inspire us and give us force and energy.

The greatness of Motherland is in our hearts.

Today's Turkmen has to realize in practice this inner greatness. For interests of Motherland are your interests. Interests of Motherland are the interests of your children. If we do our best for Motherland, put her interests above ours, we will become wealthy by earnest work.

One can become wealthy without enriching Motherland, but such wealth will not help and bring happiness.

You will never rise high without glorification of Motherland.

Only in the homeland and with the homeland you can be great.

Patriotic feelings are the most human feelings of Turkmens.

Dear young men and women!

I want you to know: we, the elder generation, are proud of you. It is enough to look at our youth today, in these splendid days of celebrating our great independence, to understand: our Fatherland has brought up and formed the new generation. It is the generation of spiritual and physically healthy young people, strong morally and politically, well educated and mannered, possessing professional skills. The Turkmen youth safely study at schools, master chosen professions in the establishments of higher education in and outside the country. They masterly operate production machinery in the hundreds of newly built plants and factories. Young farmers and mulkdars are no worse than their elder colleagues, harvesting good yields of wheat and cotton. Brave soldiers stand firm on the borders of Fatherland. They persistently study and ably handle modern military hardware. Attending the recent military exercises, I observed with satisfaction demonstration of wonders of military art by young Turkmen soldiers that operated aircrafts, tanks, guns and small arms with the help of computers. It is the new, brave generation of Turkmens. Once their ancestors could turn war into art. They could defend Motherland. And today Turkmen soldiers can defend Motherland. These guys are ready to rebuff any offence to defend Motherland, even at the cost of their lives. I promoted in military ranks many of participants of the exercises. I sincerely congratulate our soldiers on the achieved successes. I am especially pleased to announce it here, in this hall, where the pick of our youth gathered today.

Every time I take part in the launching of new large plants and factories, visit wheat and cotton fields, meet schoolchildren and students, participate in festivities and celebrations I see once again that we have talented youth. I take pride and admire the young generation of the country. And when I see their cheerful smiles I note their curious looks, their enthusiasm at the construction of a lake in the Garagum desert or water reservoir Dostluk, when they erect white-marble palaces and high risers, what satisfaction they get working in the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries, in modern textile complexes, in organizations of energy, textile and communication sectors, in the field of education and defense. When I see their strong hands and masterful moves I one more time come to conclusion that it is they who will extend the golden age of the Turkmen people for thousand of years.

My dear interlocutors and attentive listeners! My dear youth of the country!

Today we talk about that important and main thing that you have to understand, comprehend to move forward. I mean strengthening your characters and souls. I talk about your civic and human education, about the formation of your intellectual, without which you will never become individuals. We move forward fast. Life and freedom show all the new prospects for us. We have to catch up with these processes and sometimes be ahead of them. At the same time it is important to remember that perfection is unlimited as achievements and successes. At the last XIV Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan we decided to establish an inviolable state and strengthen the Turkmen statehood that nobody could ever shake. We rely on you to the great extent in this sacred mission. You are the face of state. The future of the country, meaning honor and dignity, is in your hands. We, the leadership of the county, delegate to you state administration. We charge you with oil and gas production, yielding good crops, confide to you the wealth of people. So, be prepared today for the upcoming great deeds.

As I said today, over the years of independence we have brought up youth that after finishing schools works earnestly, gets good payment and astonishes the elder generation with its abilities, skills and sharp brains. What youth we have! Youth makes up 42% of the workers in the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries. Turkmen guys that graduated recently from higher schools head 14 departments. They are very good at operating complicated equipment producing very expensive production that is on great demand in the world markets. Turkmenistan will continue introducing modern technologies. That is why you have to be professional at computers, learn languages, English and Russian in particular. Turkmens will achieve success knowing many languages. It is a principle of today’s life, and you will carry it out for us.

We have to know who are they that we pass our green Flag to, which our brave ancestors filled with their spirit. I am telling you today that people know that this Flag will be in good hands. People believe in their brave sons and daughters. Your main task and duty is to love sacred Motherland more than life, protect it as an apple of your eye. You all have to receive good education and profession. Turkmen youth has to be characterized by such merits as the ability to realize the acquired knowledge and qualification, masterly operate modern technologies and strengthen the defensive power of the country.

You are destined to multiply contribution of our people to the development of the world civilization, and that is why you have to study the glorious history of Turkmens. Learn the greatest literary and cultural heritage of ancestors. Your duty as true Turkmens is to respect elders and youngsters, keep moral purity and work with a will.

You should know and believe that you will need everything I tell you. It will become a need of your soul. If you take as an example the unity and integrity of people and follow it, if you earnestly fulfill you duty before Motherland, it will blossom and get stronger day by day. You and nobody else have to ensure its secure foundation. The sacred Rukhnama, my other poetical directions will help you in this. My twelve instructions to youngsters will be a source of inspiration for you.

I would like to touch on one more point. The love for Fatherland, the homeland, starts with earnest work. That is why students of the establishments of higher education will work after two years of study. Unfortunately, some young people with a diploma want to get any executive post right away. It should not happen. Let specialists with diplomas work for two years as a common worker - in the oil and gas sector or agriculture. Let them work, get skills.

A few words on agriculture. Not everything is right here as regards employment of young people. Only farms of Muratberdy Sopiyev and Sadulla Rozmetov are doing well. I have invited leaders of regions and districts to this congress. Although they are sufficient in wheat harvesting combines, cotton yield is bad everywhere. The work is not efficient. And this is all due to the fact the work is set to ride there, weed is delayed, shoots are not watered in time. Livestock is allowed to browse on fields right before harvest campaigns. And regional governors do not want to notice it, let alone make things right. Here is our problem. And young people should know and fix it. I think young people should rent more lands. Let them plant, grow, take care of fields and earn money. And regional governors should help them by all means, work with them and teach them. Then things will get right in the countryside.

Construction is booming in our country. The number of new plants and factories under construction is countless. We have to teach youth, use their age and force, create every condition for realization of their talents.

Distinguished delegates! Dear young men and women!

The III congress of the Youth Organization named after Magtymguly will become a significant event in the life of the country's youth and will be inscribed in its history with golden letters. The congress will once again specify tasks that were set before youth and identify steps on their fulfillment in the framework of the National program, "Strategy of economic, political and cultural development of Turkmenistan until 2020", adopted at the XIV Khalk Maslakhaty of Turkmenistan. I am confident that our youth is capable of meeting any task. The state will lavish care on you and establish every condition to ensure that you rise higher and higher step by step and secure victory after victory in work and live in peace and happiness.

You are free and emancipated. You see the shortcomings and have the right to criticize them. Why am I telling you this, my friends? Leaders of governmental bodies, regions and districts are responsible for you. They have to help you and support by all means. You may disagree with them, put your demands before them. If they don't solve your problems, you may ask for our help. If someone offends you or humiliates you, you may appeal to senior officials and demand from them actions. It is your right and will. City administrations have to explain to you how they will pay you - be it weed or any other work. All in all, conditions must be set up to stimulate productive work. We forbid the use of schoolchildren tending and harvesting cotton as happened during the Soviet era. Wherever one works he must be paid properly for his work. Nobody will be offended or lack attention. As for the regional governors, they have to take care of youth, instead of controlling them, in their regions and render them any assistance. One needs no intellect to call young people up and give them instructions. You have the authority, but you allocate neither funds nor machinery for them. They have nothing. Every leader has to help young people, give them land and work.

Local offices of the Youth Organization should be set up in the regions and chairmen of the local offices will head departments for youth affairs in the regional administrations. Together with governors they will look into daily life affairs of youth. Besides, I charge them with solving difficult issues together with regional governors. They will be paid in regional administrations too.

Distinguished delegates!

If you wish to elect Jennetgul Pirmammedova chairman of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan, I support her nomination. She works well and with a will. She graduated from the University. If you support me I will establish a special department at the Office of the President of Turkmenistan that will coordinate the work of youth in state organizations and regional administrations. Jennet as a representative of the youth of Turkmenistan will work with them too. At this I want to note that this department will have no power of administrative punishment of young people let alone controlling them. Let the youth control and punish themselves. We have no rights to interfere. No region or district or state will interfere in the affairs of youth. You will get together and decide who is to blame and deserve punishment. Executive authorities, regional administration will be responsible for them, but they will not interfere in their work or order them.

If they wish, young people can become members of any organization. They are also free to set up their own parties. They have this right under the Constitution of Turkmenistan.

Any group is free to set up an independent and not associated with the state party. We don't object, but the law must be observed. An opinion of a group or a number of people may coincide and become a public opinion. You are free to do this. Let it not be artificial and let nobody look for a straw in someone else's eye. First you have to gain authority. Make people respect you. And let them chose you as their leader then, if they consider you the best.

My dear children, God willing, one of you will become president of state in future. We will hold presidential elections in Turkmenistan in 2007-2008. Nothing is permanent or eternal in the world. As I note in the sacred Rukhnama, it will be hard for one to be responsible for the fate of nation after 70. This is a burden that young men should carry on their shoulders. So, my dear friends, you should work hard now and earn the good name and fame! I wish you success.

Live purposefully, my young friends, and know that life is empty and not interesting without a goal. Every man, people and state have to have similar goals. One Turkmen woman in the Turkmen village in Afghanistan weaved a carpet. She masterly weaved her life motto on it saying: “I would rather die than live without a goal.” I call on you, young men and women, to have a goal in your lives and make efforts to achieve it. There are people whose goal is to get rich at the expense of others, even by robbery. I did not mean that goal. You have to set global goals before yourselves - to glorify Motherland through your work, make people's lives better and wealthier, provide your family and set your life. By aspiring at such ideals, you will be happy. You will live long and be beautiful and dignified.

I am closing at this point. But before this I want to say: our country will change its look already by 2010. I sincerely believe that we will fully meet the National Program, "Strategy of economic, political and cultural development of Turkmenistan until 2020", and achieve happy and prosperous life for the people.

Let this congress of youth lead you to new great deeds and victories! I wish you good health and happiness. Live long and love your Motherland. Let your future be even brighter!

Translated and published at www.Turkmenistan.Ru